Pippin Williamson

Since our beginning as a company, we have always been driven to improve the lives of our team and those around us. That improvement can come in many forms. Sometimes it is through the people and businesses we help with our products; sometimes it is through better financial stability; sometimes it is through increased freedoms; and sometimes it is simply through beautification of the space around us.

A few months ago we purchased the building in Hutchinson, KS, that acts as our company head quarters. The same building also houses one of our two breweries. Soon after completing the purchase of the building we reached our to a local artist, Brady Scott, and commissioned a mural to be painted on our West-facing wall. He agreed and began work several weeks later.

Yesterday marked the completion of our mural and we're now thrilled to share the results.

Pippin Williamson

About Pippin Williamson

Founder and Managing Director of Sandhills Development.

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  1. Pippin Williamson

    What an artistic beautification! I not only loved the way you are interested in beautification but also the way you present it to others.
    We are a small team like -10 ago of yours. Hope we can succeed like the way you did it ….

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