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Founded in 2009 by Pippin Williamson. Headquartered in Hutchinson, Kansas. More about Sandhills →

Sandhills Projects

From 7 different countries across the globe, the Sandhills Development team works together to develop software, create resources, and brew beer. ?
Conservation Project The 43rd Prairie 

54 acres of former cropland that is being restored to native tallgrass prairie. Located immediately north of Hutchinson, KS, at the intersection of 43rd avenue and Monroe street, this prairie is an active restoration project.

While privately owned, there is a 3/4 mile trail that loops around that property that is open to the public and can be accessed from the east side.

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54 acres of former cropland that is being restored to native tallgrass prairie.

Conservation Project Stonebridge Park 

Located in a quiet, residential neighborhood, this 3-acre property is being actively converted into a protected greenspace. When first acquired, the property was nothing but turf grass in poor condition. Today the property is filled with nearly a dozen variety of trees and native plants. The longterm plan is for the property to feature mature wooded areas, sections of tallgrass prairie, wildflowers, and walking trails through out.

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A 3-acre greenspace located in a neighborhood.

Sandhills Brewing
Microbrewery Sandhills Brewing 

Sandhills Brewery specializes in oak-aged and oak-fermented beers. The central Kansas microbrewery officially opened its doors in 2018. With two taproom locations, the first in Hutchinson, Kansas at the Sandhills Development headquarters, and the second in Mission, KS, Sandhills Brewery is well on its way to being a central Kansas favorite among craft beer enthusiasts.

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Central Kansas brewery focusing on barrel aged wild ales.

eCommerce Service (Project Acquired) Payouts Service 

Paying affiliates and vendors should not be so difficult, but before the Payouts Service it has been one of the most consistent challenges affiliate managers and store owners face. Our Payouts Service was launched in late 2019 to help store owners and affiliate managers easily and efficiently distribute earnings to their vendors and affiliates.

The Payouts Service is directly integrated into the WordPress Dashboard and supported platforms to make paying affiliate earnings and commissions as simple as possible. With more than 43 countries supported, the Payouts Service is a premier and hassle-free tool for managing payouts.

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Managed payout disbursement for affiliate and vendor commissions.

WordPress Plugin (Project Acquired) AffiliateWP 

AffiliateWP was founded in early 2014 with an aim to provide a top-notch, self-hosted, and intuitive affiliate management system for WordPress. It was born from frustrations with existing platforms that were unreliable, cluttered, and cumbersome to use. AffiliateWP was built to seamlessly integrate into the native user interface of WordPress and all of the popular eCommerce, membership, and form platforms.

Today it is the default choice for tens of thousands of WordPress site owners and is consistently rated as the best affiliate marketing tool for WordPress.

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A full-featured affiliate program solution for WordPress sites.

Easy Digital Downloads
WordPress Plugin (Project Acquired) Easy Digital Downloads 

Launched in 2012, Easy Digital Downloads was built to sell digital products and exclusively digital products. In the infancy of eCommerce with WordPress, Easy Digital Downloads was the only tool that was wholly dedicated to the purchase and delivery of digital goods. All other platforms focused on selling physical products and left digital goods as an after thought.

Today Easy Digital Downloads is not the exclusive option but it’s still an active project and one of the standard choices for selling digital products through WordPress.

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A complete eCommerce solution for selling digital products on WordPress.

Sugar Calendar
WordPress Plugin (Project Acquired) Sugar Calendar 

Event management can be incredibly complicated. The complexity and difficulty of use of many event publishing platforms illustrate this. Sugar Calendar was built from a desire to break the mold and have a sweet, simple platform for managing events through WordPress.

Initially launched in 2012 and recently relaunched in 2019, Sugar Calendar has a long history in WordPress but its journey has really only just begun.

Quick details

A sweet, simple event calendar plugin for WordPress.

WP Simple Pay
WordPress Plugin (Project Acquired) WP Simple Pay 

Accepting credit cards online used to be challenging and expensive. Stripe, Inc changed that by launching a payment processing platform that was built for developers, making it easy for programmers to create and launch their own tools to accept payments online.

WP Simple Pay was created in 2014 to provide site owners a simple, fast way to start collecting one-time and recurring credit card payments on their WordPress-powered websites. Today it is the highest rated and most used WordPress plugin for Stripe payments.

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A lightweight Stripe payments plugin for WordPress.

Pippin's Plugins
Developer Resource (Project Acquired) Pippin's Plugins 

Pippin’s Plugins is a resource designed to fill the gap in WordPress plugin development documentation. Useful WordPress plugins, detailed tutorials, and product reviews are just a few of the tools you’ll find throughout the site.

Fan fact: some of the above projects were originally created for or distributed from Pippin’s Plugins.

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Finely crafted WordPress plugins, tutorials, reviews and more.

Restrict Content Pro
WordPress Plugin (Project Acquired) Restrict Content Pro 

Built from our own needs, Restrict Content Pro was first released in early 2012 to power the membership section of Pippin’s Like our other products, Restrict Content Pro was first built when very few good options were available for site owners.

After a successful acquisition in 2020, Restrict Content Pro is owned and maintained by iThemes / Liquid Web. Read more about this acquisition.

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A full-featured, powerful membership solution for WordPress.