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I don't often write personal posts here, but tonight I would like to do just that.

I am blessed to have had several really close friends in my life time. One I have known since I was 8; we met while attending the same dance class, and one I met while in college; we were two of the very last students to sign up for classes because we had missed all of the earlier orientation sessions.

These two friends are cemented in my memory as being part of some of my favorite experiences in life this far.

Among many other things, one helped teach me a love for music, and the other is largely responsible for my love for bicycling.

Today, one of those friends is in prison and the other is only a shadow of what he used to be. The reasons for each of their situations does not matter for this conversation, but it should be made clear that both of them are truly wonderful people that I would entrust my life to no questions asked.

As we go through our daily work lives, it is easy to forget or put aside those people that have helped play a part in where we are today.

Unfortunately, I often find myself only truly reminded of how these two individuals have influenced me when I am around them. Considering the impact they have had in my life throughout the years, I want to try and do better to fully appreciate just how they have impacted the person I am today.

I am sure that everyone can remember a friend or family member that is not who they used to be, or is in a difficult situation, so I would challenge you all to strive to remember and honor the influence they had in you.

In retrospect, I wish that I could go back in time to try and help my friends in a way that would lead them on a better path, but alas that is not within my grasp or even something I should be permitted to do if I had the ability. Each person that walks this earth must make their own choices and each must walk their own path and fight their own battles. The best I can do is help them where I am able and to never permit myself to forget the amazing, wonderful things they have done for me, even if they don't know it.

To you, my friends, I say Thank You.

Pippin Williamson

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  1. Pippin Williamson
  2. Pippin Williamson

    Great sentiment, Pippin. I, too, have people in my life that have impacted my life similarly and have found themselves in similar situations. Really appreciate your perspective on this. A lot.

  3. Pippin Williamson

    It’s definitely easy to take those relationships and what they hep you to become for granted when you’re in the midst of enjoying them, but when they go away or change significantly, it becomes all too apparent just how much they did for you. I’m often reminded of this, having left my solid and expansive network of friends in the UK when I moved to FL. My relationships since don’t come close to touching those relationships that I used to have.

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  5. Pippin Williamson

    Most heart warming post I have read in many days. Reminded me of a great friend. I had only met him online because he lived in Europe.

    He profoundly changed my life. I regret never meeting him face to face. But I will remain eternally grateful for the opportunity to be friends with him. He introduced me to php, WordPress, blogging. But more importantly he taught me how to enjoy life as myself.

    He died at a very young age in a car accident.

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  6. Pippin Williamson

    Very nice thoughts! Remembered me to call a good friend i haven´t seen and talked to in a long time.

  7. Pippin Williamson
  8. Pippin Williamson

    “It ain’t over until it’s over”. My life has been destroyed twice (by me) without any possible hope for a fun future. I am now having tons of fun so the moral is just because things are bad now does not mean they will be bad in the future. Of course it takes courage, perseverance and believing in yourself to make that happen. Anyway don’t give up hope for them Pippin. 😉

  9. Pippin Williamson
  10. Pippin Williamson

    Nice, Pippin. I had same situation for a friend, and I was successful. But sadly I didn’t see him anymore, and I had not any good friend like him. Now I have friends, but they called friends, they aren’t actually friends, they are a bunch of pussies.

    Appreciate your good friends, they don’t have expiration dates.

  11. Pippin Williamson

    It is always Very nice to know about some one’s personal lives. Keep your friends close to you and get in touch with them often. I am also blessed with many close friends myself. And what i am today, is just because of my friends. If they weren’t with me, i would never have reached at the place i am currently at. Thanks and love u my friends.

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