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2020 Year in Review 

This year has been a wild ride with some huge ups and downs. We have seen some of our biggest successes and experienced some major challenges; we sold one of our flagship products and we, along with the rest of the world, have gone through a global pandemic.
As has been my tradition since 2012, I’d like to reflect back on some of the challenges, successes, and events of the past year for us

Land stewardship 

Before discovering or caring about technology and business, I was immersed in nature for most of my childhood. I was blessed to go through my childhood years living on a ~100 acre property in rural Kansas that offered abundant natural beauties, including wide open Tallgrass prairies, groves of black walnut trees, and numerous other woodland and open habitats. My siblings and I spent most of our time running barefoot through the trees and grass and we gained a deep appreciation for nature and all that it has to offer.

Protecting against burnout 

While in a conversation with one of the finalists for our Application Support Specialist position, I was asked what one of the major challenges I’ve faced in building Sandhills Development. This type of question is pretty common and there is always a myriad of answers, but today I had a quick answer to what I believe the biggest challenge has been for me, and what also poses one of biggest risks to us as a company.