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Category: Life at Sandhills

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Giving Back Time 

In my year-in-review post for 2020 I shared publicly for the first time that we formally defined and published our core values. One of those values is Give Back Time. It is a nice sounding phrase, but what does it actually mean for the people that work here? Like all values, its value goes only as deep as the actions we use to demonstrate it.

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Published on January 26, 2021. Written by Pippin Williamson. Filed under Life at Sandhills.

Sandhills Summit 2019 Recap 

Last month our distributed team of 24 employees from 12 US states and 7 countries stepped away from our daily duties and came together for our annual all hands meetup. This is the third year that we’ve held such a gathering and it was by far our biggest yet. I …

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Published on October 15, 2019. Written by Kyle Maurer. Filed under Life at Sandhills .