What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for a full-time support technician to assist customers in answering questions and solving problems.

Our goal is to provide customers with the best possible experience that enables them to focus on running their businesses. To do this, we need support technicians that are excellent communicators, thorough troubleshooters, have technical prowess, and are driven to deliver top-notch and timely solutions to customers. 

You’ll love this job if:

  • You enjoy puzzles and problem solving.
  • You’re dedicated to creating great experiences for customers.
  • You thrive with written communication.
  • You love working directly with customers about their needs, experiences, and results.
  • You work well with others in collaborative environments.


We aim to create a wonderful place to work that is designed around promoting personal and professional growth. We are committed to our team’s future, freedom, and time.

As an application support specialist and an employee of Sandhills Development, you will be guaranteed the following benefits:

What you’ll do:

Your primary responsibility will be responding to and providing solutions for support tickets submitted by existing and potential customers. You will work directly under a mentor and alongside other support team members. Meet the team here!

Responsibilities summary:

  • Acting as a customer support agent for one or more of our product brands:
  • Responding to pre-sale tickets with guidance and direction to enable and assure potential customers.
  • Responding to and resolving technical support tickets ranging from simple to complex.
  • Handling account and billing tickets, i.e. refunds, cancellations, and account changes.
  • Triage bug reports and feature requests from customers and submit them to the development team.
  • Communicate with the development teams on common challenges, bugs, and needed features revealed through support interactions with customers.

All customer support is done through email-based ticketing. There is no telephone nor live-chat support at this time.

What you’ll need:

  • Proven experience as a customer support provider.
  • Excellent communication skills with written English.
  • Knowledge of our industries will give you the advantage (eCommerce/digital products, affiliate marketing, membership sites), or, you’re a lightning-fast learner.
  • Ability to defuse conflicts and difficult situations.
  • Ability to work remotely with all necessary tools (internet connection, computer, etc).

An average day at Sandhills:

It doesn’t have to be crazy at work. We strive to embrace a core ethos of calmness. To set the stage, here’s what an average day at Sandhills can look like:

  • Start your work day based on your own scheduling needs.
  • Say hi to your colleagues in Slack when you start your work day.
  • Review already assigned tickets that may need your attention.
  • Respond to new support tickets starting with the oldest first.
  • Join a colleague or two via Zoom for a brainstorming or mentoring session.
  • Share your cool music playlist or a picture of your pet in Slack whenever you feel like it.
  • Take breaks for meals, exercise, reading, napping, or anything else you need whenever you want.

To apply for this position, submit an application from our careers page.